Sunday, September 15, 2013


Roaring waves crashing
    against jagged stone cliffs;
standing darkly defiant
    against a sea's violence.

Warring winds screaming
    against wizened prone trees;
standing nobly pliant
    against a storm's imminence.

Welcoming a brewing deluge
    surrendering in providence;
smiling blithely standing
    free of diffidence.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Why does the wind so gallantly
          offers me his cold hands?
Do thoughts dance with him like sunshine
          glowing, solitary and buoyant?

O wind, do you lift the angels as you do birds?
          carry prayers as you do rain?
Do you bear witness to this world?
            do you bear witness to me?

Why does the wind accompany the lonely,
          embracing them with the might of melancholy?
Do dreams fall about him like leaves
          gently, sorrily, towards the ground?

O wind, do you travel the world
           whispering your wordless woes?
Do you seek the oceans and the heavens
           for someone who is listening?
                       – If so, you've found me.