Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dear Star II

Are you listening?
When the day dies
I turn away from the window
yet I know it is now darker
where you used to shine
never lovelier
when you used to shine,
        The sky grieves your leaving.


At the tip of the tongue
an utterance that the heart desires
yet the mind suppress
so it sojourns in your red throat
poised, in waiting,
growing toxic by the minute
until finally the ego swallowed.
                     This is war.

Monday, October 8, 2012

anti-social III

Is it wrong that I am not compelled to feel governed by others? People at large do not concern me. I concern myself with things that interest me and the few people that inhabit my world. I am governed by the select few. I am inconsequential at best. Rest assured though that the depth of feeling I harbour for each and every one of my people is something I always feel is incomprehensible to even them. 

I am Rimbaud in my heart. Trying to take-off but of course my lack of talent / fortitude that accompanies the rage of a genius hampers me. 'The 'true' poet is a seer.' - wrote 16 year old Rimbaud in one of his letters. I am the roots of a chopped down tree. I need time.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Witness then,
the fleshing out of this pain
the coming of my black rain
witness my undoing.

Come madness, come sadness
let the howling symphony begin
let the nightmares come
and swallow me entire.

I stage my unmooring
  upon the night Sky.

"Love you as ever" - D.M.

Got to run but this is as good a time as any to jot down a few lines. Sometimes I feel it in my bones that someday, God-willing, I'll become a decent poet or a writer of some sort. Right now though it feels as if I'm at the edge of something. Perhaps because now, I'm sober (artistically speaking I mean) I feel like I can put anything into prose. Anything at all.

Because finally, the last vestiges of that silken black veil has been carried off with the winds. I can be objective about my artistic endeavours and not feel shackled (as amateur poet-wannabes like me often do) by their subjects. 

So, to write once more. Hello, hello, October.