Sunday, February 24, 2013


In an orbit, in a blind
In a darkness only you shined
Amidst the vastness of universe
Within the words of this verse
In an orbit, in a bind
To you I gravely gravitate.

Stellar star,
This is my supernova
in this blooming fire, so burns my wonder.

Friday, February 22, 2013


21 Feb - Sometimes frustration rears its ugly head and paralyses you until you realize it's a choice & remember to be pure.
            - Shapeshifter.
            - Finn, Cathal, "She just gave one druggie & one homeless person tea & biscuits in her own house. Don't, ever, underestimate yourself.", "He's always amazing me."

20 Feb - I will summon you with the entirety of my being, Into the depths of meaning, The discovery of it, The coming of it.
            - You were quite celestial indeed to me.

15 Feb - "I could weep everytime I read the honest truth about it like this."

14 Feb - Bangunan buatan manusia, bagaimana pula taman2 istana syurga?

13 Feb - Not once did I feel weary of the world.

12 Feb - Must never judge another based on their outward looks. Blonde old lady without hijab walked into the surau & started praying. I can hear her reciting the fatihah, praising Allah. I digress, is it because she's blonde tht I am impressed? What of the other girl not wearing a hijab? Malay? More critical of my ppl? Because of my presumptions of background? Hm. Reflect & improve yourself.
            - N k abdullah
            - Souvenirs: //Prague// Postcards - Mai, huda, 3D thingy, Tshirt, tote bag, Key chain - Adi, Magnet, Bookmark. //Paris// Perry, Disneyland magnet, Magnet, 2x baroque book. //London// Sherlock mug, 10 sherlock name cards - huda, huda, Gryffindor scarf, chocolate frog, Hogwarts pin, ferrari Adi, Evenstar, Nat geo shirt, Tie rack ties, 4 keychains, 2 tshirts, perfume, chocolates

11 Feb - Snow! gradually thicker, ones eyeline follow the gentle falling of the white fluff from the sky, hypnoytising. The layers of distance, 3D ness of it all. Wading through. With the wind, tides of snowfall change. A silent lullaby.
- Bond. You'll fall in love again & again, But friendship, isn't like that. You don't just make new friends. You grow up with friends. Time with them is the past the present the future. Time your memories. Memories your mind. Your mind your being. you. A part of you dies along with them.

10 Feb - coolness of the open window

9 Feb - Bakerloo line: oxford circus - hamleys, Picadilly: Knightsbridge - harrods nat geo 102 brompton rd, Circle line: St James park - buckingham palace, westminster - parliament / abbey / big ben / london eye, Tower hill - tower bridge

8 Feb - Tonight I serenade the dead
          - A fascination w grief, estrangement, death, breaking of a bond, tragedy of a separation , beyond repair, severation of two souls, cleavage of love, desperation of dying, briefness vulnerability of life heart

7 Feb - Hailing

5 Feb - Tahajjud bath
          - cities trains airports

4 Feb - 200-90 = 110 baki duit bill gas
          - Bath paddington 1:30, paddington watford 1, bus to tour 15min, 12 at watford, 1pm, train 9:15, 10:45 padd, 11:15 padd, 12:15 watford, 12:30 studio, tour starts at 1 pm, bath-padd, padd-watford, watford-studio, studio-watford 15min, watford-padd, 1hour

3 Feb - eiffl, arc de triomphe, disney, notre dame, versailles, grande palais, petit palais, louvre, d'orsay

2 Feb - 30km, uphill gravity, 50 fountains, pump fount up, fountaineers, 15km seine waterwheels louisiana middle America, 300 statues, adopt 8000 euros bench 1000, plaque name, originals in lourve, season summer fountains, path of the sun, first french operas, cat, absolute monarchy, court life ritual Louis 14, morning ceremony, 150 ppl, scratch

1 Feb - Juan in starbucks, this modern day n age rendered us suspicious of kindness.
          - Endless suitcase toting travellers.

31 Jan - Volcano lake
           - Gulls like paper aeroplanes in the night sky, Beggars kneeling, shivering on the cobbled street, the river mirroring the yellow street lights, spires and domes clawing the glowing sky, this is czech republic
           - light sabre Henry VI, 18th cen italian rivenna, balcony 2 grey banners lions gate, obelisk 2nd marie, faint lovers breath on the back of the neck 1981, big palace human zoo 1937 madagascar, WWII D-day grande palais, DVC Warsaw, is paris burning, wind, eisenhower, gen. charles de gaulle, missippi farmer.

30 Jan - Bridgette, Flying flag footsteps, Cold, Fear of the uniform, Suspicion, Thieves, the clock, vanity greed death Turks, non event trumpeter context, Ian Palach, Spies, the new president, metronome lost time whr Stalin MJ, death culy, alchemy devil 3 missing, Drahamerra coach hell hole, Rudolph 2, Ferdinand 2, Wenceslas, the sad president, lioness kiss feet handsome, celtic princess shoes bread, dungeons, defenestration, alchemists moat letter hung, castle 900yrs architecture, burnt castle, city of a 100 spires, 12 bridges, poke dude eyes out clock out copyright issue, petrin hill tower, golden lane, kafka's house, burn prague down only leave , twice, berlin, vienna, black madonna gables, guards uniform cost more than annual salary, 2 isms - communism, nazism.

29 Jan - 4am to the airport, Flight, snow quarters of whiteness, barren slush, hostile weather people rushing to get out of the cold, ragged loooking buses n trams but technologically advanced, quaint rooms, red n woody, white walls, biege floors, loadsa keys, Ferrari cafe, pizza, Charlse Bridge, The lights the cold the cobbled stones the river the reflection, "Seagulls. There's something romantic about seagulls in Europe." Beggars kneeling in the cold, Windy streets, Tourists, Statues, The spires, gothic looking, White buildings, Little shops, marionette, paintings, postcards, douchebag salesperson, Kafka, Love locks, nice bath, Milo sherlock mug at the end of the day.

           - Transport trains

28 Jan - 10.50 Sherlock, 3.50 bfast, 15 Oyster - debit, 2 lunch, Museum free, Harrods, Dinner, 9.11, 9.11, Deposit 10, 18.22, 16 pounds, 34.22

26 Jan - Fountain of truth & honesty.

23 Jan - To remember death, departure, separation, loss, grief, god, the afterlife, Jannah, till we meet again.      
           - Kamte.
           - Tali menali sahut bersahut.

20 Jan - Look upon another as an equal if not better
           - Ibrahim ayat 40
           - Silence of a hunter

5 Jan - Watched Marley & Me, cry.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Too much for words

Prague, 31st January 2013
All that walking, through cities & time. All the people you met. All the things you saw, soaked in. Travelling is what it is, an experience. Everybody should try it God-willing. You find yourself in a state of active contemplation. You feel yourself age a little, which is a good thing. As you take the role of a nomad, and nothing else, you feel whole (it takes all I have to not stick an expletive for emphasis right there I tell ya).

Nothing is expected of you, nor do you expect anything of anything. You're a clean slate, ready and eager to discover. It's what 'feeling' alive feels like, I reckon. That 'infinite' feeling Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower spoke of. Or not. Because it is not a moment. It doesn't pass. It is something you unearth from the soil of your very soul. From within, to without. 

In sum total, you know, just know that life is not some aimless self-sustainable force crawling flying through the passage of time. All the good that came my way, not once was I not reminded of their source.

No man is whole without knowing himself. The self is a soul. The soul, where does it come from? The origin of being, to which one will inevitably return to; it is what lies before & after life: God.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The perks of using blogger

Stuff don't get lost like scraps of paper with scribbles on em'. *frustrated* Oh, am home btw. Home sweet home. Been living out off a suitcase for about half a month now. It's nice to be home.

View from Malaysian Hall, U.K. room 309

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day #15 - From London

Went out to see the world. Will be home by Tuesday 6:30pm (Malaysia time).

On Heathrow Connect, Paddington - Heathrow Airport to catch a flight to Prague,