Tuesday, February 28, 2012


You may have set fire to yourself, burnt your heart out and emerged from the ashes, a phoenix golden and resplendent. Having found your wings, you sail into the light without anymore heed of the dark whispers that used to haunt your reveries. My dear, I am a coward. I have no courage to step into the fire and rouse the demons within to slaughter them. I look for light but I realize, not hard enough. Winds of change do not lift these deadened limbs of mine. I have not yet earned them. I ponder these things when I trace the words sent from the Sky yet I am not moved. I wish to but I am not. This black gauze in my mind is the root of the matter. This flawed existence I live pains me more than anything so I distance myself from everything. Perhaps this pit of mine is fire after all. Who is to know? It rings in my ears, this keening howling from within.

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