Friday, March 23, 2012

Bon dieu ma cherie

Bon dieu ma cherie
am I to reveal another inch of my soul?
A plethora of constellations await me
yet I pick on the dimmest Star
one that walk amongst mankind unnoticed
shower her with gentleness so she glows
unawares of her light.

I proposed to her my eternal poetry
so she may be kept by me
in a bell jar, immortal.
Placed upon the pedestal of humanity
she wept tears of bitterness.

Bon dieu ma cherie
am I to peddle the rest of my being?
An infinity of muses beckon me
yet I chose to be faithful.
Darling Star, I can love you
but never embrace you
all so you may outlive darkness.

She proposed to me sweetness
so I may bask beside her
in blissful candour, unrepentant.
Placed upon the summit of felicity
I succumbed and bled myself dry.

Through this mess of remiss
tenderness have left us.
Loathing replaced loving
resentment replaced sentiment.
In an embrace we are asunder.

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