Saturday, August 4, 2012


Sometimes, quite suddenly (or not so suddenly) a cloak of bleakness falls from the Sky, settle about your shoulders and stoop your spirits so low you almost feel that with each concurrent footstep you sink into the earth little by little. Occasionally, the world simply drowns me alive. No amount of positive thinking seem to throw off this blanket of gloom but you whisper still under your breath that all this is will pass (in due time). Maybe it's the city, maybe it's that little inconsiderate comment that gnaws at you, maybe it's that annoyance of having to suffer through endless empty talk floating about your ears, maybe it's the damned loud ticking of the wall clock, whatever it is, your soul is cold. 

This segregation alienates you from the (sometimes) mindless flock. It estranges you from their bubble of warmth. Nothing they say penetrate your heart. So you listen listlessly and amble to invisible places in your mind. You leave and they do not notice. 

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