Monday, October 8, 2012

anti-social III

Is it wrong that I am not compelled to feel governed by others? People at large do not concern me. I concern myself with things that interest me and the few people that inhabit my world. I am governed by the select few. I am inconsequential at best. Rest assured though that the depth of feeling I harbour for each and every one of my people is something I always feel is incomprehensible to even them. 

I am Rimbaud in my heart. Trying to take-off but of course my lack of talent / fortitude that accompanies the rage of a genius hampers me. 'The 'true' poet is a seer.' - wrote 16 year old Rimbaud in one of his letters. I am the roots of a chopped down tree. I need time.


  1. Our happiness should not be in the hands of other's governance. But neither should it be at the expense of another's too (but that rarely happens, unless it's our parents I think hehe) =]

    1. That's true! =) This is me lamenting my not-so-social nature (which, I do every now and then haha). It's healthy I think.