Thursday, November 22, 2012

Colours of Gaza

White –
      Protruding out of burnt flesh,
the broken bones of their young & old.
      Spirals in their Skies,
the trails of predator drones.
      Innocence of the children,
murdered in a symphony of sirens.

Red –
      Blood on the pavement,
the fruits of violence.
      Blood on Israel’s hands,
the reaper of vengeance.
      Blood on our history,
for allowing inhumanity.

Green –
      Soldiers in uniform,
clutching guns, in-waiting.
      Military tanks,
tracing the borders, in-waiting.
      American dollar bills,
funding the Israeli army.

Black –
      Future of Gaza
teetering at oblivion’s door.
      Apathy of the world
silently spectating.
      Gaping holes
in Palestinian souls.

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