Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'what fascinates A may bore the pants off B'

I'm a nobody playing at being a novelist. *sigh*  I gotta finish this darned ch.1 (yea, 'progress') and have somebody take a look at it. Thing is, nobody I know actually appreciate the fantasy genre. Well, there's 2 but...not really. 

As for that divine love vs. mortal love traversing dreamscapes with loadsa nature metaphors...thing I tried to write. It's on hiatus. As usual. That one's a serious one, don't think I've lived enough to actually do it justice. How does one who has not love (that kind of love, you know) write of love? Sure I can romanticize shit all I want but I don't think it'd be the same as someone who's really in love. Take Rilke say,

look how perfect that is...comparing Lou to a fountain, his desire to see the world through Lou, and only Lou. Sure, I don't believe in being quite so desperate, it's too indulgent and y'know it's a kind of idolatory that does not befit one who is grounded.

Again, what do I know anyway.

p.s. Photos from Rainer Maria Rilke & Lou Andreas Salome: The Correspondences, thanks mai for sharing.  

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