Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Too much for words

Prague, 31st January 2013
All that walking, through cities & time. All the people you met. All the things you saw, soaked in. Travelling is what it is, an experience. Everybody should try it God-willing. You find yourself in a state of active contemplation. You feel yourself age a little, which is a good thing. As you take the role of a nomad, and nothing else, you feel whole (it takes all I have to not stick an expletive for emphasis right there I tell ya).

Nothing is expected of you, nor do you expect anything of anything. You're a clean slate, ready and eager to discover. It's what 'feeling' alive feels like, I reckon. That 'infinite' feeling Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower spoke of. Or not. Because it is not a moment. It doesn't pass. It is something you unearth from the soil of your very soul. From within, to without. 

In sum total, you know, just know that life is not some aimless self-sustainable force crawling flying through the passage of time. All the good that came my way, not once was I not reminded of their source.

No man is whole without knowing himself. The self is a soul. The soul, where does it come from? The origin of being, to which one will inevitably return to; it is what lies before & after life: God.


  1. MY GOD.

    Exactly what I felt when I was sojourning too. No promises, no past, no future, no regrets. Just the infinite totality of the present, all within your grasp.

    Sighs. I never really did write about my month-long Eurotrip, other than in my travel journals. Should probably start blogging and reflecting about it.

    1. Innit? Sides you went for an entire month alone! Doubt my 17 day stint w a friend compares haha. Yeah, do post bout your adventures I'd very much like to read em'. Your travel journal must be awesome~ I only scribbled passing thoughts in my phone. Didn't take the time to make extensive notes or anything tsk tsk.