Sunday, May 5, 2013

On being reasonable

I am fascinated by the subtlety of human behaviour (I hope that didn't come across as too pretentious). How things said / not said could mean this / that. I used to have such grand delusions of people. That they are capable of flitting from one end of an emotional spectrum to another in the miliseconds of hesitancy. 

Well, I believe they do, we do, I do. We are afterall such marvelously emotional beings.

I just think sometimes one can hope too much that another could feel so much. Or really I'm just a bit too taken by secrecy. Liken it to some great unspoken sacrifice.

I should really just take what people say at face value. Deduce their motivations by evidences instead of great leaps of faith based on my subjective perception. 

Always it is martyrdom. I'm obsessed with the idea. Then again, looking for this noble trait in the average person is really my own fault. I can only turn to accounts of Rasulullah SAW's character, the people around him and of course, my own little league of fictional characters.

Quietly, she slips back into her untrusting nature. (Yes, I totally did just narrate myself). Although, the untrusting being tends to be so unforgiving, which is a vice.

Oh to be noble.

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