Saturday, June 8, 2013


Because Hafiz does not know that the binary sunset signify the ephemerality of his rebirth. A brief visiting not material enough to be called an 'existence', hence his inability to leave footsteps in the sand. Brief because the dreamscapes he is to traverse are but reflections of the 'real world' which in turn is also but a 'mirage'.

A lucid journey through the human subconscious aided but by the very thing that governs human behaviour - Emotions. Unadulterated by a 'worldly personality' (thus his amnesia in the sunset scene). In other words, pure.

In essence, if a man could be, even if just briefly, just a man, is his inherent nature not good? Flawed but good. 

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  1. eh ni cerita Hafiz Huda dreamscapes you penah told me about kan? i wanna read it!