Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Nouman: "There's this culture among young muslims, who go on a religious journey. Who had a change of heart, re-discovered Islam. So what happens, they become very serious about religion. Very, very passionate. And they find themselves a teacher. Sometimes that teacher is a person, lectures on youtube, websites, blogs etc. Whatever it is they find themselves a source that they associate as THE authentic source for taking knowledge. And as they become passionate, slowly they become very rigid, tough. They start noticing the people around them are not the same way as they are, not understanding the deen the way they understand it. What happens is, first they become frustrated with the people around them, especially their family. A friction develops. And then friends. But those friends didn't take a religious journey as you did, or if they do, it's not the same journey as yours. They're not as rigid about certain things as you are. So it becomes harder for you to tolerate that, you question them a lot more. So you start making it a point to tell them the 'right way' of doing things. And this youth think themselves doing 'amar ma'aruf nahi ala mungkar'. After all they're telling the brother/sister a hadith, an ayah. They're doing a good thing. This is something they should be doing. This is what's going on in their head. What they don't realize however is, that there's something going on."

So, I would like to say sorry to everyone I've offended.


  1. true that!

    what saved me (or at least didn't make me any worst), is that i found someone who grounded me by reminding me that the Prophet(s.a.w) was held high because he was the humblest.

  2. Yes. Being humble is a feat! It's a manifestation of proper internalization of Islamic teachings. I think it's hard to control one's thoughts. They just flit by and then you just gotta reprimand yourself for it ^_^'

    and what I like in the lecture Nouman gave, around mark 30mins onwards is that he stresses on how when giving 'advice' to others (I tend to do this with my younger bro), wanting to change the behaviour of said person isn't the proper way of going about it. You want to change the heart, by which way the behaviour automatically changes later. And he said that The Prophet (s.a.w) while giving dawah to the Arab jahilliyah year after year started wondering if he's done something not quite right because people aren't changing, but Allah SWT told him that 'there is benefit in reminder'. So, giving reminders and letting the results be in God's hand is the way. I like that :) so much still I have to learn.