Wednesday, December 24, 2014


My last week in Melbourne was infinitely hectic. I could barely breathe, I broke down once. But that is all over. It was happy but I was tired out too much to be alright at the end of the day.

The last shred of peace I found was when I stopped at S's place to pray Maghrib before she dropped me off in the city. We had been to the airport to fetch a girl and to send my cousin M off.

S recited the surahs gently, in a subdued melodious manner that had always been in her nature. It was wondrous. Tranquility came. When the Prophet (pbuh) Muhammad said to Bilal "Rest us, Bilal!" indicating he wanted Bilal to sound the call to prayer, ergo prayer being the 'Rest' he referred to, I felt that. I cherish that moment.

S who is always gentle, but not to be mistaken as weak-willed. There is fire within her. I have seen it, I know. It shows in the way she drives, her unguarded flares of reaction. Character and manners is beauty achieved through knowledge of what is Good and S has that. I admire her and seek to emulate her.

My last tranquility in Melbourne. I could not hope for anything better.

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