Saturday, September 5, 2015

Happy Birthday M.

Part I —For it is the 3rd tomorrow.

Part II —For she who loves this lighthouse.

Part III —For she who stands too close to the edges of the cliffs; where sky, stone and sea collide. For she who welcomes the sea spray with a smile and the seagulls with the greeting of old friends’.

Part IV —For she whom I have known for 11 years —a companion for this brief respite on earth, which is but a drop of time in the ocean of Eternity. For she whose soul has been fated to mine.

Part V —For she whom I’ve written over 300 poems, over 30 letters and the entirety of a journal. For she who is my audience, my subject, my friend. My poetry, my prose, my very muse.

Part VI —For her whose birthday is today, 3rd of September. Tempest, darling friend, I more than love you, you are —sine qua non.
(Wollongong, NSW Australia —Sept. 2012)

Posted on insta between 11pm to 12am (3/9/2015). Thought I'd preserve these here ^_^

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