Saturday, July 30, 2016


All I wanna do is curl up in bed and read my Southern Vampire Mysteries novels all weekend (which is what I'm doing right now, before I turn in) but it's a 9-2pm and 9-5pm sort of weekend sadly.

Being tired is now simply a way of life. Just as; sleeping at 2 waking up at 6, breakfast in the car at stoplights and on the highway, singing with the radio (I'm Hitz FM & Red FM trash), cursing at bad drivers, being a bad driver myself (not anymore, I drive strictly between 100-130  nowadays post the accident), arriving to work, work, doing all in my power so that I can leave at 5—are.

The other day, it was brought to my attention that I didn't even know the number for my paycheck slips —because I've never checked if my salary tallied with my paycheck. My lack of interest in my remuneration basically had people saying clearly I've never checked because I've never been in short of money. Sounded rather offensive to me but it's true I suppose. All I know is I feel stuck and aimless. Money is about planning ahead and I have no plans. 


My colleagues whom I genuinely like are all leaving next Monday. They're done with the 12 months internship hence are transferring out to other hospitals and clinics. I'll be a lot lonelier I expect, which is disheartening.

Oh well.

It's just what Life is. People move on, they leave, and you just cruise along like you always have; sleepless, breakfasts in the car & radio music keeping you company.

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