Sunday, September 11, 2016

the dark of your eyes; wary of me

                                                                   disaat aku melihat
                                                                   matamu seolah berlindung
                                                                   dari aku
                                                                   hatiku terdiam
                                                                   kata-kata, sahabat
                                                                   aku, kau khianati
                           –Mata, 2016
Words, they weigh, penetrate, take root. I remind myself that withdrawing after being brazen with words is the epitome of cowardice. One needs to own up to one's words; every last syllable of it. The consequence of writing raw is that it doesn't matter if you only meant your feelings in that moment and regret it after. Once read, you, the author is unredeemable. 

Damning words will damn you. So stay true to the initial rush of your muses, be brave. You have been set alight, so continue to burn. 

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