Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monoxide Love

A monochromatic city by the Sea
you tipped your cap of smog, greeting me
I can always see you through this haze
for nothing escapes your iron gaze
but embracing you is a never.

I am lost in the river
of brake lights coursing through your veins
of freeways, I trace in my mind
the cords of copper in your arms
burning them with electric kisses.

As one in our reminisces
I look for you in each tinted window
standing in your shadow, I shudder.
Your towering beauty terrifying,
lonesome, and colossal.

I discovered stillness in the restless
multi-coloured lights adorning you
I opened my mind to your sad song
Every bit of machinery, every
passing pedestrian, they sang with you.

Cold and hard, your metal heart
is the zenith of humanity, yet the world dies
around your undying skeletons.
This is the tragedy
of our monoxide love.

My love-hate relationship with the city.

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