Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Sea

I left the city to swallow the Sea
To watch light flee and dive over her edge
To rest my ears upon her melody
And haul my dead thoughts by a rusty kedge.

Knelt at her feet, caressed her foamy dress
The glee by which she received my cleaved chest
Crushed my breath with a wave of happiness.
Inhibitions sunk, all my woes confessed.

Night came swiftly as I silently brood
Of staying. Stolen cindered stones bearing
echoes of  the throes of my solitude.
By the Sea, in the Sea, lies my mooring.

She whistled my name, I choked a reply
Eye to eye, I bade a drunken goodbye.


Note: First attempt at a sonnet (14 lines, ten syllables per line, last two lines a rhyming couplet, abab cdcd efef gg)

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