Sunday, February 9, 2014

Orion's belt

I went to take the trash out. Dragging three hefty yellow bin bags in my sore hands. When I was done, I stopped in the parking lot. I was alone, so I stood and lifted my face to the heavens. Soft winds kissing my face, my friend, the winds greeting me. The night sky is clear. Blue velvet. Another one of my silent companion, the moon is present. Brilliant, perfect with its circlet of lunar rainbow. What is most beautiful in the expanse of clear darkness though, was Orion. The three aligned stars of the belt seem wondrously impossible to me. I gaze at the other sparse stars dimmed in Orion's commanding presence, spotting a deceptive airplane gliding effortless out of my view. Betelgeuse shone the brightest tonight. The air is cool. Such a relief after the past Summer nights.

A car came into the parking lot, breaching my precious solitariness. I sulk and made for my apartment.

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