Friday, February 7, 2014


I don't keep a journal anymore. I just write poems in them. 

The thing with challenging situations, I find myself remembering where my reliance is always on; the kindness of other people. People that ease your way through God's mercy.

Invoking God in the heart when facing difficulties calms anxieties. When I am able to remove myself from whatever seemingly impossible obstacles by remembering the real goals of doing anything in life, burdens lighten and it becomes ibadah (inshallah) because it brings remembrance of God.

My mother says that the elders used to like to say that the journey to a destination feels longer than the journey back because all the leaves give you salaam. And then all those ayahs in the Quran that goes 'All that is on the land and in the heavens exults God'.

So on the way to work when I see all the lovely green trees (it's not autumn yet), I look at the leaves, thinking of the silent praise every single one is making to Allah SWT, how they rustle in the wind; the wind, praising Allah SWT in its whistling, howling voice, the slow sailing of great big clouds, the blue of the Sky which is the face of the Sea projected upon the atmosphere, the very air particles that I breathe, seeping into my blood, my heart, perfusing every cell in my body...

To possess such clarity...Remembrance of God is an innumerable blessing.

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