Monday, October 13, 2014


The weather has taken a fine turn here in Melbourne. The sky is blue, the clouds are white. I mean, what else do I say? I describe the weather too often here. It's the only thing I actually like to write about. 

Things come & go, feelings & perceptions too. I think emotions and point of views are sorted into chapters, like in a book. Sometimes I think I sense the culmination of an emotion just the same as the ending of a chapter in a book. I ruminate on what I felt, what has happened, what triggered it, why etc.

A reflective mood is all it puts me into. At least the weather is beautiful. When all else fail and the weather is good, I can deal with this world better. I shall stop pondering my dreams once and for all. It doesn't do to overthink illusions that come in your sleep. They are not real. Being the way I am; one who remembers a lot of their dreams, its disorienting. Enough of that.

The weather is good. The wind howls. The sun shines. The usual.

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