Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Last Spring

Launceston - Hobart, Tasmania (Australia), 30 September - 4 October 2014, Spring.
I ought to jot a few things down regarding my spring break but first, Melbourne: After Hobart and Launceston in Tasmania, Melbourne seems almost lifeless. But that is an unfair juxtaposition. Cities and rural towns are too different. Here in Melbourne, it has been a series of overcast days and drizzly rain interspersed with golden sunrays that threatens to blind you with its brilliance. Hence the Sky is in turns a flat, oppressive slate of gray or blue as can be smeared with white clouds. 

As with all Spring breaks, once it ends, the high followed by the dip, puts me into a somber mood. I do not like overcast days (this I have mentioned too many times here), they lull me into immobility.

So onward with happy memories, what Spring break has been: 
- An expedition of new landscapes. Mountains, endless green pastures, waterfalls, lakes, seasides of jagged rocks (rather than sandy beaches), an abundance of blooming flowers, and the countless ever-changing face of the Sky.

- Of imprinting memories with people I have lived with (lived with - I feel the need to stress these words. Much is contained in them.) for the past four years. Of memorizing their temperament & nature, their smiles, words, dreams & fears. Every tiny detail of what they are in themselves and what they have taught me.

- Of savouring Time. I am all too aware of my being on the precipice of change. I have been in the nascence of adulthood but I am approaching a different phase of living. Life after education. So, I savoured Time.

That is enough here I think. Now this, is something B. shared with me during our road-trip that I treasure:

"Rasulullah (pbuh), whenever he travels on his camel, he will smile at the Sky. To show his gratitude."

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