Thursday, October 1, 2015


It's October. I am alive and am quite well.

If I were to describe my life right now it would be a sky full of dark, voluminous rainclouds. It would be the wind howling through shuddering trees. The anticipation of a thunderstorm.

I feel at sea. I feel as if my future is now uncertain because I am now sure that I do not want to remain a pharmacist. Or at least I hope to not remain as one. The hospital does not agree with me. It is chaos and it drains me. 

I hope I wil be able to transfer to a government health clinic after my internship. And then from there I will do what is necessary to achieve what I want.

I've been mulling my prospects over and it is daunting. I'm not sure what I want. There are many things I need to seriously consider and I need to start now.

Who do I want to be really

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