Wednesday, October 14, 2015

(yet another letter for M.)

Dear M.

This is sudden but I feel like writing to you. I've been observing the sky on my daily commute to work (as I am prone to. The weather affects my mood on a daily basis as if it were a premonition that needs to be obeyed. It sets my mood regardless of how my day goes. I know you share this penchant of mine so here I am); and it has been. . . when was the last time that I saw a cloudless blue sky? I can't remember. This haze has gone on for months now. It makes me miss Australia. Especially when the haze sometimes looks like that ethereal fog Melbourne is prone to in Autumn.

In particular, I observe the Sun. The haze often renders it muted, robs it of blinding radiance, leaves it a muted salmon coloured disc against a backdrop of grey-blue. It is quite charming to look at but it makes me sad. Today though, I think not of the Sun as an object (as one tend to regard trees by roadsides / highways equivalent to street lights), today I saw the Sun as it is meant to be seen, a creation. The Sun is a celestial object that this entire planet we live on orbits. It is an axis, giver of vital light and most of all, the Sun expires day by day. I gaze at the Sun and I think, it gazes back at me.

The Qur'an has made it clear that creation are not unfeeling. They are sentient, they witness us. Even the mountains shuddered at the prospect, the responsibility of carrying a soul. The Sun gazes back. This divine creation, it is but one in a universe full of other distant and far more incandescent stars. 

What I'm trying to convey is, there is more out there. Beyond this abode, there is Eternity. Colours beyond our spectrum, planes of universe to be unveiled, and most of all, there are experiences unimaginable.

It soothes my ever-thirsting soul, this epiphany. One always requires reflection to notice how deprived our inner lives had become. 

You and I, during our time in Australia, we discovered that faith in its truest sense, is intellectual. We discovered that to purport religion is not via the mehanical observance of rules. We found the treasure of meaning, knowledge; the red, beating heart of having beliefs, of what it means to strive for the sublime.

Now though, we are besieged by dispassion. It takes heart to remain a seeker of knowledge. 

Also, I was going through my letters and postcards and noticed that letter by Al-Ghazali (which you carelessly tore from that book of letters -I find this habit of yours extremely endearing but you already know this don't you) you gave me by way of a parting gift when I flew to Melbourne for the first time and here is a line from it;

"There are very few persons who have the aptitude for the acquisition of true knowledge and are endowed with piety."

And this is a quote Ghazali included at the end of the letter;

" 'To every Science its own people; And each man finds easy that for which he has been created apt.' "

I'll leave you to ponder my choice of including these two excerpts. They are in the spirit of our brief exchange via text this morning I think. 

At any rate, darling tempest, I hope your anxieties about 'the uncertainty of the future' has at least lessened somewhat. You and F. will be fine. Also, not that this needs to be reiterated but, I am nothing if not constant in my affections for you. So there.

Until next time.

Ton ami,

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