Monday, February 1, 2016


D. insisted that I should go to The Cartel (a local cafe) with her so she could scope the place out for her birthday party in May, and despite it being a weekday and I was half-sick and tired of all human contact (I have an incurable misanthropic streak that rears it ugly head from time to time) I agreed. It was my own suggestion after all that she should consider the particular cafe. Besides, D. is my cousin. Family is family.

The visit to the cafe itself was uneventful, but before we went home D. insisted that we did a lap round the running track (the cafe is located behind a stadium, so it had a 400m running track). I begrudgingly humoured her and so we walked the red spongy track in the dark. 

"Hey look! It's Orion's belt!" D. exclaimed and I looked up to where she was pointing. Indeed there it was, the three aligned stars and its four points, neatly distinguished from the surrounding stellar bodies.

"I never knew we could see Orion here," I said quietly. I mentioned briefly to D. how I used to like pointing out Orion to my friends whenever we went out at night back in Melbourne.

"It is the same sky after all," D. replied matter of factly and continued her circuit around the running track. I stood stock still for a while, digesting the information.

I felt like I've rediscovered a long lost friend. Something glowed bright inside of me. If I had to described the sensation, it felt like I knew just exactly where the intangible soul inside my corporeal body resided. 

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