Saturday, July 20, 2013


When deciding to alter the nature / course of a relationship, success can only be measured by whether or not one's perception of it has been altered. I.e. whether or not one's reactions to the other person have altered. 

Sometimes one slips and forgets that the impetus for the alteration is due to some unchangeable factor, a factor that is out of one's control to alter, so instead one alters one's self, one's perception of the relations. Is not was. Sometimes one forgets and slips back into the old, battered shell & hope still for things that are not meant to be.

Then one remembers and the change grows ever more deeper into the heart. Until its roots penetrates every living memory of the past, the seed for change must be watered with a quietly despairing  hope.

Attachments to things in this hayat al-dunya is destined to be a tragedy. So I look beyond the constellations for a promise everlasting.

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