Thursday, July 25, 2013

Words like Water

The imam's sweetly melancholic recitation rolled over me, undulating like waves. Foams of recognition washed over the shores of my mind: I try to spear words & phrases that I know. 

Eternity. Home. Jannah. Rivers flow beneath. Jahannam. Fire. Severe. Punishment. Losers. Mockers. Good tidings. Guidance. Most Gracious. Most merciful. Wills. Heart. Astray. Straigh path. Syukur. Sun. Moon. Stars. Sky. Zuriat. Father. Wife. Rasul. Shaytan. Man. Say. Mukmin. Fear Me. Love. Ease. Hardship. Angels. Those who. Shining. Earth. Hayat. Akhirat. Mountains. Ayat (Signs). Ummul Kitab. Coolness of the eyes. Hearing. Sight. Patience. Knowledge. Wakil. Wali. Criterion. Creation. Most Great. Praise be to Allah. Glorious is Allah. ... ... ...

I know so little...

I try to catch them and hold them in, but they run through the cracks of my mind. I try to remember that He sees into our hearts, but sometimes I drown, not in Whiteness but in the Shadows of worldly worries. 

So I look again for the sea of consciousness, for the peace that comes with it, to purify & quench my soul.


  1. Replies
    1. Nah. Just Arabic words/phrases that I can pull off the top of my head.