Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It had just stopped drizzling. I'm on my bed with a cup of tea, looking absent mindedly at the view out my window. It is evening, everything is blue and you could hear a chorus of crickets. The days have been overcast since last week. Such is autumn; low hanging clouds, rain and crickets. 

Even the sea which I walk along on the way to work is calmer. Dense clouds filling the washed out sky. The occasional sizeable patches of dappled grey making patterns over the barely blues. Like the rump of an Andalusian horse. All this reflected perfectly onto the vast water like a mirror. It is all blue, grey and white. Cottony and fluffy rather than rolling waves frothing over golden-kissed sand.

I have been staring out windows everyday in trams. At the fogged up wet streets and darkened concrete buildings. It takes the edge off of my dislike of crowds. My tea has cooled off now. I take a sip and feel at ease. I embrace this solitude.

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