Wednesday, November 12, 2014


"I was substitute teaching in a high school history class yesterday and I was thinking of you. The lesson was review for an upcoming quiz on Islam (they're learning about the five largest religions around the world) and I was helping them with the review worksheets. I ended up talking to quite a few of them of how "jihad" didn't mean Holy War, but a struggle of faith. The whole concept of Jihad meaning a "holy war" was an American bastardization of the name. Some of the students also asked why I always said "Muhammed, peace be upon him," and I was able to explain how it was all about respect. I doubt it was much or if kids will remember, but it was kinda fun to educate them with the lessons you taught us."
~ Subject: Thinking of you, email received 11/11/2014

A portion of an email from friends I made over the internet. People I met through Star Wars fanfiction believe it or not. They (twin sisters) wrote an amazing Star Wars fic and I had the audacity to contact them to express my appreciation and that then led to me being one of their beta readers (consultants/editors) for their Assassin's Creed fic, which needed insight into teachings and cultures in Islam. It's amazing how life intersects in this era where people from opposite ends of this world could be so in touch with each other, despite never having met. Because really, in friendships, it is the soul that needs knowing first, the heart that needs loving first, all else is secondary.

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