Friday, November 28, 2014

Pack up

Spent the entire day packing up things I've accumulated over the past four years into boxes. The heaviest of all being books (20kg). Thank goodness I actually bring my books home every summer break. 

Put my wooden world map by the sidewalk, where I first found it 3 years ago. I left my typewriter there too (it does not work, it had never worked). I taped that painting of Mt. Fuji I did last year on its casing. I thought it's a nice touch. On the back of the paper it says, 
For Kiyoaki, who viewed Satoko as "Mt. Fuji at sunset."
I remember when I did the painting, M. had just got back from Japan. So, M. was in my mind too as I painted it. 

Lastly, I left my little whiteboard. On it I had written "Please give us a HOME." Not even 15 minutes later I saw from my kitchen window a young man with glorious ginger hair walking briskly with my little whiteboard.

It is very real now. I am leaving Melbourne. I am no longer a student. Life will be shocking. It is like pushing a reset button. I wonder...

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