Saturday, June 28, 2014

Red One

The Red one who now suffocates in dilemmas;
confessional odes and oaths, 
proposals of loyalty and prosperity,
promises of virtue and valiancy
To whom will the heart bloom, 
finally plucked and pressed, 
To be cherished by only one?

Red one, your enchantment lies within;
A secret benevolence, 
A selfless forbearance,
You welcome the broken and mishappen,
You listen with eyes wide open,
You water thirst with fire,
You kiss lovers into martyrs;

Red one, we have tasted your mind;
A pool of silken dark,
A conflation of the sensual, the intellectual;
Subdued with secrecy,
Volatile with mystery,
Gentle with honesty,
Defiant with dignity;

But Lovers, we bed our words,
They come to you deflowered;
We Lovers, we steal our songs,
They come to you nary unsung;

The Red one, who now surveys her suppliants, 
turning beating hearts in her hands;
How to contemplate fate,
How to forsee destiny
How to crown victory; 
Red one, one last time,
          To whom will you gravitate?