Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fogged up

I was inexplicably angry last night. Angry enough that it robbed me of sleep. So I read instead and it diffuses the uncalled for feelings. 

Anyway, it is cold these days. I peer out my window and it is all fog. An enveloping grey-whiteness that obscures all. The parks look unearthly, I'm sure of it. This kind of weather disturbs me. It'll pass. Noon would come and the sky will be visible for a while.

Caged. That is the feeling that revisits every once in a while. The spirit of the human soul is remarkable. How it endures turmoil and emerges always unscathed. Or seemingly so at any rate. If one could see the condition of the soul as one could the body, how terrifying. I am struggling to be good & give up things I know I should. What words are there for unspeakable turmoil.

I look forward to Ramadhan. I will strive again.

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