Saturday, June 14, 2014


What gives? Your entire self-image, your very soul. Your trust in yourself. That is what gives when you dwell in the shadows.

Sometimes it takes a visitation of the wrongdoing to come into full realisation of its nature. Or does it?

Would a muderer having repented from his past, now restored to goodness be instructed to murder just one more time in his present state of repentance so that he may come to know the true nature of his past evil? So he breaks in his understanding and will never ever repeat his past?

No. One must learn to accept that one always have a choice when it comes to right & wrong. It is wisdom to recognize this autonomy when circumstance meets you and holds you at an impasse. Then it is strength to choose right over wrong. Finally, it is piety to remember exactly whom you wish to please: yourself or He who is nearer to you than your jugular vein?

I shrivel at my state. I must always know that I am as base as any ignorant soul on this earth. That I, am the bearer of my fate. What I do and do not do is who I am. And who I am will determine the end of my soul.

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