Friday, July 11, 2014


I remember my dreams. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. It's disorienting, pulling away from an alternate reality into consciousness. All these people and scenes that populate dreams seem so real. They say things, laugh, bleed, cry. When I wake up, I carry them with me, sometimes only for a little bit, but sometimes forever.

I dream each time I sleep. I have traversed worlds, lived and died in my dreams. Friends, strangers, monsters. I am well acquainted with them all. I used to dream that I am hunted down, each night, every night. That was years ago now though. I still remember them. I do not forget those dreams.

What are dreams? Do our souls really leave our corporeal bodies and enter this realm of shade? 

I read Surah djinn yesterday. The verses say that some of the djinns who have tried to listen or peer into the heavens see that there are guards (angels) guarding it. The djinns are shot with flaming arrows if they get too close. Some of them wonder what lies beyond. So when The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought the message of Islam, some listened and followed. The Surah says the ghaib is not for men to see.

It reminds me of dreams. What a thing for us to possess, this ability.

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