Monday, July 21, 2014


O nameless anguish 
O heedless arrogance
          Why do you plague the weak-hearted?
           The bright adornments paving the road
           They sparkle with cheerful worldliness.

O patience-smothered
O humility-bartered
             Why do you flit from the soul's cradle?
              The perfumed beauty lurking the shadows
              They beckon with easy charm.

The heart forgets the soul
The heart thwarts itself 
                Unless watered with God
                Fed with mercy
                Clad with piety,

Goodness is fire frozen into a drop
Of contained passion
A concentrate of good-intentions
Fashioned with reservation.

Goodness is to forgo,
Forgive and forbear
A state of desertion
Of the not-divine.

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