Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Contra Mundum

I am positively miffed by the dissent I am met with in regards to my fangirling. It has always been this way. People are so predictably disappointing. They see your passion and deem it 'mindless' because they do not understand. 

The finer points of being interested, to actually be interested in anything is that you are able to appreciate the finer points that the casual glancing most definitely will miss.

Most infuriating of all among these people is that some of them think they're not judgmental! The nerve. What then do you call measuring another's views in the frame of your own and proclaim your decidedly biased  and UNSOLICITED opinions? Pompous hypocrites. (Yes I can be as scathing as I like here). 

To my fellow fangirls / fanboys out there, CONTRA MUNDUM my friends, CONTRA MUNDUM. Let the hoi polloi caterwaul their apathy ridden unimaginative views. 

Fwuh. Now I feel a bit better. 

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