Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On the subject of 'dudes'

Some people equate being single to being miserable. As if it is a curse that needs to be lifted. The metaphorical tower, the metaphorical enchanted sleep, that there will be a 'prince' who will 'rescue' you from your 'prison' that is quite simply 'being single'. 

Especially girls. All they ever talk, tweet etc. about is this guy or that guy, weddings, honeymoons. I concede that marriage-talk is somewhat more productive (if talking is ever).

So the eternal question of "Kamu, bila lagi?" flung towards you, over & over again is just, annoying. 

I don't need a 'dude' to ensure my happiness. I'm self-sufficient on that aspect, thanks very much. So you girlfriends can go spill your souls and drown in giggles all you like. I do not need another to affirm my existence.

I do not belie my life to the attaining of the 'perfect' man. Such things are written. There will be a time for it. Just because we're in our 20s doesn't mean anything. 

Heck, we might even die first. I'd much rather chew on that.


  1. Heehee logged into blogger and saw the title of your post in my newsfeed, and went waaaaaah this has got to be interesting, its not everyday potster blogs about gender issues. Ngah3..coz i blog about gender issues quite a bit as you've probably realised, but i deleted most of em or all of em sbb maluuuuuu. Impulsive bloggging i call it. Sigh.

    Anyhoo, yup u r right that it is annoying when people ask u kamu bila lagi

  2. 'Take it from me, you dont need men to be happy.' - ellen degeneres.

    Sorry for spamming your wall, potsie :p

    You just gave me an idea ;)