Friday, May 30, 2014

Time setting

One must be absolutely modern. So goes Rimbaud. 

But the modern day is dull. Void of intrigue. The past is mysterious, rich like embroidered Persian rugs. And the future is pure fantasy. One can write histories that could-have-been in the past & tales-yet-to-come in the future.

But the present age? Shackles of realism bore upon the author's wrists. The only reprieve is to write of people. Characters with ancient souls or futurist minds. Furnished with larger-than-life plots or shocking or confusing ones.

But I am biased. I find no romance whatsoever in the present day setting. The Internet is the problem. People don't connect & converse as much. As one who suffers in social settings, I should scoff at myself for that incriminating statement. Hah.

I am one for grandiose schemes. Poetic justice, stoic warriors, unrequited love, or tragic ones at least. I have always been one who extolls meaning. Subdued, symbolic, or intricate and intoxicating. But always metaphors and subtlety. Nuance is precious. I like to be moved and led by hints and unspokens. Intrigue, yes that is the word. 

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