Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 2

Grief struck me. I sent them both off, my flower, and the jewel-named of a girl. Yesterday and this morning once more. They both booked taxis to the airport at 6:15am, their departure being one day apart. Still in night's embrace, rain-kissed autumn heralded our goodbyes. The short alley leading to the stairs of my apartment never seemed so silent. 

It is cold now. Autumn is in full bloom and so is my muted sadness. I felt wounded. Right now though, I feel some measure of furtive strength clasping my heart. One needs to steel one's self against loneliness. Despite knowing the inevitable defeat (at some point or another I know I will give way to grief), it is always good to prepare for the gripping dark.

I am not a poet. Only a lover who deigns to love beauty from afar. I shall warm myself now with fond echoes of time spent in smiles, laughter, and in sight of breath-taking nature. I am an introvert, not a recluse. Loneliness causes me great suffering. Just as expected of all humankind. The soul yearns for nothing more than to be in company of happiness.

To rely then, on man's one and only true Reliance.

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