Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 4

Today was good. I am comfortable with my preceptor. Alhamdulillah. Spoke to a couple of my peers too. I am not a recluse.

Bought a couple of books from the Hospital bookshop. Will try and get into the library (I just need to find it again) one of these days.

Also, finished Into The Wild in the tram today. Skimmed the last 3 chapters. McCandles may be inspiring at first glance, but when one scrutinize him, his two flaws: arrogance, ingratitude. But we are only human, and he is a misguided soul. We move on now with Hemingway's The Old Man & The Sea. Before bed, I read Mary Renault's The Last of The Wine. I sleep early and wake up early (work starts at 8, I finish at 4).

The days do not feel long. The nights do not feel long. The cold does not bite. I am tired yet I do not feel cheated by my fatigue. I am not lonely. I am not sad. This is good. I am doing fine.

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