Friday, May 16, 2014

Day...whatever day it is.

Skived off work today. Phoned in and said I wasn't coming and that was that. No questions asked. Which was good really. One more week to go and then I am completely done with my professional placement program.

Weather's good today. Autumn seems to have let off a little with the cold and the sun's out. The streets are littered with dried maple leaves (there's a lot of maple here in Melb) blowing this way and that. Those workers with the leaf blowers will probably take care of it sometime soon. I like watching them.

I took another shot at working on the thing last night (after an extended period of non-writing) and added a few lines. It felt nice. Not exactly an accomplishment. I just don't have time to really get into it on a regular basis. I don't suppose I will have time after I graduate and start working either. Destined to be a reader, like everyone else. Alas.

Melbourne is a beautiful and at times, lonely city. I will remember this and miss it. For now though, I'll sip my peppermint tea and enjoy my last autumn.

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